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Moving Guide- How to get settled into your new home


Moving can be a challenge. With all of the excitement of a new home, the idea of the actual move is often put on the back-burner. Here are some helpful tools to help you smoothly move into your new property.


Choose a Moving Company:

When hiring a moving company, you should always:

  • Call and request various quotes from various moving companies to determine the best pricing for your current budget situation
  • Reserve the move-in dates as soon as you have specific dates to move into your new home


Consolidate your Belongings:

Moving can be the ideal opportunity to start fresh by sifting through and tossing out any accumulated clutter. While decluttering, remember to:

  • Toss out any items that you could, or have already, lived without.
  • Ask questions like, "Have I used or worn this within the last few months?" to help determine throw-away items.
  • Once finished, determine if any remaining items could be sold in a yard sale or donated to charity, friends, or family.


Pre-Plan your Spaces:

Your new home will most likely offer you the opportunity to redesign your current living spaces. Once you have a good idea of the size and layout of your new home, pre-plan your space by:

  • Pre-arranging your furniture
  • Printing out a hard copy of your floor plan and brainstorming ideas by hand.
  • Prioritizing the main living spaces, family rooms and other essential areas for foot traffic and large furniture.